V6 Conversions have available a Conversion Kit that allows the installation of the Holden Commodore V6 3.8ltr EFI V6 engine to the above vehicle. The kit is designed to replace the Mitsubishi 2.6ltr, 4 cylinder petrol engine (carby model), as well as the 2.5ltr 4 cylinder diesel engine.

The kit is designed to allow the V6 engine to be fitted to the standard 5-speed gearbox. All of these kits including their respective transmissions have the same combined length making them completely interchangeable.

The adaptor kits are designed to allow adequate firewall clearance therefore eliminating the need to move the transfer case or modify drive shafts.

The adaptor housing is a flywheel housing with the GM bolt pattern on the front and the Mitsubishi bolt pattern on the rear. The adaptor housing measures 80mm or 3.15’’ in length, which allows adequate firewall and throttle body clearance.

The adaptor housing allows the standard V6 GM clutch pressure plate with a V8 clutch disc to be used on the V6 flywheel. The V8 clutch disc provides less clutch shudder in the heavier 4WD due to the clutch plate having stronger centre springs.

The clutch is coupled to the gearbox by a special gearbox input extension shaft. It has the GM spigot diameter with external spline on the engine end and Mitsubishi spigot diameter with external spline on the gearbox end.

The Mitsubishi engine mounting kit (Part no. V6C 790) enables the use of the standard GM engine bracket located on the left side of the engine. This design allows the use of the standard GM air conditioning compressor if required.

Comprehensive fitting instructions are also supplied as part of the kit along with excellent technical backup support if required.



* Engine mount kit

* Speedo kit

* Wiring kit

* Bell housing adaptor

* Sump & oil pickup

* Instructions


KIT PRICE: $2,625.00 ( GST inclusive )




* Tacho interface - $150.00

* EFI fuel pump - $240.00

* 16” thermo fan - $200.00

* Idler kit VN - VR - $150.00

 “      “  VS - VX - $175.00 this is to be used if not running power steering.

* Body Control Simulator VR - VS - $325.00

 “         “              “         VT - VY - $425.00

* VT - VY wiring looms are $25.00 extra on normal wiring looms.



If you have any further questions not covered in this information sheet please contact us for further information.